Is your sprinkler system not functioning properly, do you have a leak, or is your system outdated? There is no repair too large, small, or difficult for Bryant Lawn and Sprinkler. Our team of trained professionals are equipped with the necessary parts, tools, equipment, and the proper knowledge necessary to complete any repair or system re-vamp. We strive to have your problem fixed within 48 hours. In the event of an emergency, we offer an on call, 24 hour service.

Redid the sprinkler system installed by previous homeowner. After foundation repairs...the system was leaking in a number of places. Kaci was quick to reach out and schedule...Jerry performed the work, explained everything he was doing and why. Gave me options on a number of items. Hustled to get things done then negotiated a lower rate on some items ultimately saving me several hundred of $’s. Very professional, work done correctly and on time.
— Patrick Flynn, Keller 76248, Feburary 2016, $1,100.00

I originally purchased the tune-up for $59, then needed the other work done. Jorge was very thorough in explaining what needed to be done before proceeding and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. I already knew about the broken head and noticed, because of all my landscaping, water was being blocked from reaching some of my lawn and bushes. I was grateful he was able to do the extra work right then because I took a few hours off work and did not want to schedule an extra service. The tune-up took about 30 minutes, the extra work took approximately another hour which was not bad. I am very satisfied with the work Bryant Lawn & Sprinkler did. I will call them for my annual tune-ups from now on.
— Carolyn Barriteau, Crowley 76036, October 2014, $209.00

It was wonderful. I purchased the deal through Angie’s List...The technician (Jerry)...was on-time, professional, personable, and got straight to work. He inspected all my zones, tweaked some of my spray patterns, changed some of the time settings, and most importantly (to me at least) afterwards he walked me through what he had done and explained why. He also suggested that it wouldn’t hurt for me to have to some higher nozzles in a couple areas and showed why. He did not push me, nor did he say I should definitely do it, he simply explained the added benefits, but did not put me in an awkward position to decide at that moment to do it. This for me is a big deal; I HIGHLY VALUE any company that has a good work ethic AND works for you as opposed to working you. He could have easily tried to pressure me into doing added work, but he simply explained it, said that it was fine as is, and if I ever wanted to address it I could give them a call.
— William Thomas, Fort Worth 76116, September 2014, $59.00